Simplify and automate your processes.

Boost productivity, reduce errors and get your team focused on what’s important with CICOD Workflow Manager ( WFM )

Save time by automating manual operations

Workflow automation is taking over, which isn’t a big surprise. By automating critical operations, we take collaboration to a new level. Tasks move effortlessly from person-to-person, system-to-system, to the cloud and back, without errors or inefficiency.

Transform manual tasks into superpowered productivity.

Streamline your business and bottom line with the CICOD Workflow Manager ( WFM ).

Automate your workflow process in 5 easy steps

How your business can benefit from automation

Streamline processes across your organization

Repetitive tasks cost businesses $5 trillion a year globally. One of the most significant advantages of workflow automation is getting back this time by consolidating processes within your organization, transforming their effectiveness and removing redundancy. You’ll spot unnecessary or repeatable processes that waste your team’s time and productivity even during planning on what to automate.

Decrease human error

With so much going on at most organizations, so much data passing back and forth, the opportunity for human error is too high. In addition, issues with data entry, skipping steps in a process to gain “efficiency” add up and correcting these can be costly. By automating specific actions, we ensure processes are followed, steps aren’t skipped, and errors are virtually non-existent.

Improve communication

Even with the best of intentions, poor communication happens. Project members are left out, and decisions are made with outdated information. Customer satisfaction suffers. CICOD Workflow Manager keeps your team informed by sending notifications to members in real-time. Thus, communicating only what is required, keeping employees focused and directions clear.

Collect data seamlessly

Now you can customise any form for internal use amongst your team member or externally for the public online. Collect any data seamlessly into your workflow, so you have all the information you want anytime for any process using the CICOD Workflow Manager.

Increase efficiency in all business Activities

CICOD Workflow Manager makes it easy for businesses to understand how efficient resources and tasks are being completed, allowing them to reassign resources to lagging tasks and projects quickly.

Track the status of your open tasks at a glance.

Your team gets busy, and it’s hard to know what they are working on or what they should do next. CICOD Workflow Manager makes it easier by using statuses. For example, if the status of a task is ‘open’ for too long , the appropriate users are notified to take action.

Easily track key performance indicators

The CICOD Workflow Manager dashboard view generates clear and easy reporting, so you can easily track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs provide actionable data for strategic and operational improvement.

Improve communication and make your team happier.

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