Sales Operations

Empowering the sales team and enabling the multi-channel sales with the right level of real-time information on stock availability, offers, target as well as the ability to invoice customers in real-time greatly improves productivity and efficiency.

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Sales Targets & Commissions

Corporate and individual sales targets can be set and compared against sales revenue. Commissions may also be set for sales agents against their targets.


Multi-Channel Sales Order Process

Real-time access to the product catalogue across multiple sales channels has become increasingly important to maximize productivity and profitability. CICOD enables multiple sales channels such as Store Front, Affiliate Sales, Field Sales, Online Sales and Channel Sales.


Store Front

Increases sales by capturing walk-in or over-the-phone customer order and sends invoices via emails as well as SMS.


Affiliate Sales

Extend your sales channel to your network of independent sales agents, friends and family to drive sales in return for a commission.


Field Sales

The field sales team is now empowered with the same level of information as the in-house teams and can therefore sell with the same level of confidence and access to approvals.


Online Sales – Webshop

At the tick of a button, you can now add any product on your catalogue in real-time to a properly branded company webshop without the support of a technical team and receive payment via multiple payment channels


Channel Sales

This enables collaboration in the value chain where your channel partners with CICOD can apply to connect to your catalogue to sell your product while you fulfil the order. They can also buy from you and set a re-order level.



The confirmed sales order initiates the invoice automatically, eliminates delays and errors in the order fulfilment process. The invoices then become visible in real-time to the necessary stakeholders.

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