In the ever fierce world of competition, there remains an increasing need for ways to retain customers. CICOD Customer Order Management provides the capability for running loyalty schemes, discounts and ensuring that promos and offers get to the intended target customer at any level in the value chain.

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Loyalty & Redemption Management

Enhance customer experience by providing a Loyalty Program that rewards your customers whenever they shop with you. Award points to your loyal customers based on specific products purchased or based on the amount spent. Customers may redeem rewards against future orders.


Promos & Offers

Promotions and offers are almost always part of a business sales and marketing mix and they can drive sales and help motivate your customers to purchase more. The feature allows promotions and offers based on the Value of order and quantity of order. These offers come at no cost



This feature enables you to configure discounts, authorize approvers and track the use of discounts over a given period. It is also a way to encourage customers to purchase with a money-off incentive. This can be either a fixed amount or a percentage.

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