Logistics play a very important role in Supply Chain covering last mile distribution and may or may not include warehousing. The seamless management of in-house - logistics or the integration or technical enablement of 3rd party logistics organizations ensures the customer gets the right product on time.

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Delivery Schedules

This feature provides flexible control of deliveries based on customers request, delivery due date or the availability of resources.


Auto-assign work order

Inventories require immediate sorting and allocation to delivery personnel which can be time-consuming. The system uses algorithms to assign inventories based on resource availability, region, utilization metrics and period. This reduces the delay in deliveries.


Real-time Status Update

Keeping the customer informed at all times has proved to be one of the most important retention strategies. This feature allows the accountable or responsible resource to update statuses as the fulfilment process progresses. Every update on the status is automatically sent via email to the customer. The customer can also track the status at any time.


Distribution Management

Overseeing the movement of goods involves numerous activities across multiple departments. These activities can be set up as queues and queue types which provides real-time update on the current stage of the distribution process.



The tracking and managing of returns initiated by supplier/vendor, by the customer or even by the dispatch is made seamlessly possible by configuring the flow on the workflow manager.


Workflow Mobile App

Delivery personnel can be set up as resources on the workflow manager providing a single view of all inventory assigned to them for delivery. The mobile app provides adequate information on each inventory assigned with the ability for resources to update the status at every point of the distribution process. The status updates are real-time.

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