Customer Service / Self Service

You may wish to drive standardized engagement through electronic channels as the most scalable and measurable way. Providing customers with easier access on their most frequent reasons for engagement will improve efficiency for the organization and provide a better customer experience for the buyer.

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It is important to log Issues and feedback from customers as it provides the business with insights on areas of improvement. Complaints raised by customers are logged in defined categories on the system for easy allocation to the department responsible and for timely resolution.



Customers should be provided access to information seamlessly without the need to call or visit a location. Enquiries such as products, offers, availability, pricing and policy can be provided through the eCommerce platform or a self-service invitation to the order management system.


Order Tracking

When orders are created, a unique ticket ID is generated. Customers receive email notification from point of order to delivery. Customers can follow up on the progress of the issue of concern using the ticket ID.


Online Payments

The integration of multiple payment channels provides customers with various payment options. This is subject to your region.

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