Customer Accounts

Provides a 360° view of the customer, their transaction and trends. Know your customers, value them and respond in a personalised way at all times. Provides authorised access to real-time customer data at the click of a button.

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Available Balance

The available balance is the funds available for use by the customer to place orders. These available funds may be as a result of a combination of cash lodgments and any authorised credit limits.


Account Balance

This is the customer’s credit balance less. Order is made against account balance in the Cash to Order business model.


Credit Notes

Issue credit notes seamlessly on product returns or liability settlements. Credit Notes are then made available on the customer's account for seamless use during a new order regardless of the sales order channel.


Credit Limit

Set and manage credit limits for your customers based on the transaction history.


Credit History

This shows the history of credit limit and credit transactions accorded a customer over a given period.


Transactions History

The transaction history shows all orders that have been placed including order status and payment details.


Lodgment History

The lodgment history shows up-to-date information on customer deposits into their account


Delivery History

This provides a list of all deliveries fulfiled for the customer. Whist delivery charges may be free to the customer, the system also enables you to log the actual cost of delivery.


Customer Notes

This allows you to keep notes on customer communication. This is important to cater for customer service handling by any staff.


Statement of Account

Individual statement of customer account can be printed or sent directly from the system to the customer on request. The statement reflects all credit and debit transactions on the customer’s account during a given period.

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