Back Office Operations

The world-famous management consultant Peter Drucker is known for his quote “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Businesses’ functions are successfully based on the timely and measurable collaboration of all departments to achieve both internal and external service level agreements. The Workflow Manager enables the automation and tracking of processes across all departments as well as status communication with customers and suppliers.

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Ticket Management & Escalations

This ensures the tracking of the various distribution processes and their status at any given point in time. Where a process is not being attended to at the stipulated time, the ticket is being escalated to a higher authority. This ensures SLAs are adhered to.


Workflow Management

Tickets are created and assigned to the departments based on the action required. This provides visibility on the department responsible for each ticket and their current status.


Complaints Management

Tickets are grouped into queues and queue types, and every department is held responsible for certain complaints. All complaints raised by customers are monitored and managed from point of initiation to resolution by the respective departments.


Status Update

The progress of work orders are communicated using status updates, This provides information on the current state of a ticket at any time.


Resource Management

Resources are assigned tasks based on the schedule, availability and distribution network they have been allocated. This provides visibility on the utilization of each resource.


Schedule Management

This manages the shift a resource is expected to complete assigned tasks within a given period. This helps to keep resources at constant utilization.


Preventive Maintenance

The continuous smooth running of vehicles, plant and machinery is of utmost importance to every organization in the supply chain. Accountable personnel can schedule future work orders/resources for planned maintenance to ensure that the maintenance activities on plant and machinery are tracked and escalations occur when a status update is not provided.

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