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Frequently asked questions

Does the Customer Order Management allow me to view the orders that are pending, cancelled, and successful?

To view the status of an order, check the order history and filter by the status you would like to view e.g Paid, pending or cancelled.

Do I need to create a product category in order to create a product?

Product categories are not compulsory fields. You can create products without adding a product category.

What various methods of payment does Customer Order Management provide when checking out an order?

The payment options are Pay by Cash, Pay Online, Pay by USSD, Pay at Bank, Pay at the ATM, and POS Payment.

Can I upload more than one picture?

You can only add one picture per product when creating a product on Customer Order Management.

What is Customer Order Management?

Customer Order Management is an application that helps you automate your sales order process and also provides you a platform to manage your product inventory, sales and accept payments.


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